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Kelman Law is a company of two brothers Zachary and Daniel. They are not from those lawyers who speak obscure language and live far away from nowadays reality.

Their main expertise is fintech and they head cases, which are heard by the whole world. Constantly take part in conferences and summits, make speeches and lead an active social and professional life.


Law is one of the most incomprehensible spheres for a wide society. But not all lawyers are old suits and we had an aim to show it.

Zachary and Daniel are smart men who specialize in technology startups and do believe that FinTech innovators are changing the world and their lawyers should be able to keep up.


To build a bridge between technology startups, which need qualified legal assistance and lawyers who can provide it.


Being bold and open to any new experiences, Kelman Lawfr let us choose quite vivid visual style in a form of confrontation and harmony between such opposites as antique statues and emoji.

Jurisprudence had its origins in Ancient Rome. And decision to use statues as a reminder of how long and complicated the history is also gives a fresh look against usual template lawyers’ websites.

Do you understand what your lawyer is talking about? Bet, no. Do you want him to speak your language? Emoji make restrained speech alive and humane. Exactly what you need in sphere you have no idea about.

Serhii Litnevski
- Art direction / UX Design
Stanislava Nedeliaieva
- Design
Valik Horobets
- Back-End Development
Alex Shlikhta
- Front-End Development
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